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White Structure

An  organization  of Bishops, Pastors, Leaders of the 5-Fold who are seeking fellowship, relationship and resources. 

White Structure


Fellowship, relationship, and resources are vital to the overall health and wellbeing of any Leader. UCODA exists to provide these offerings to all its members. Our L.I.F.T. Conference connects leaders and allows opportunities for networking and idea-sharing as well as a retreat for spiritual refreshing. Our goal is to facilitate a two-day event that leaves our members and potential members feeling empowered, renewed, and refocused.

Our L.I.F.T. Conferences also provides opportunities for connection and collaboration. These region-specific events allow for more tailored approaches to local settings.


Benefits of UCODA Membership



  • Receive help in church or ministry difficulty when requested

  • Identify with ministers from across the country and around the world

  • Great spiritual fellowship amongst LEADERS of UCODA

  • A reformation or fellowship

  • Very reasonable financial assessments

  • National and local conferences

  • A staffed, competent Home Office

  • Support when facing difficulties

  • Networking of ministries

  • Encouragement for gospel outreach

  • Grow with folks you know

  • Informative monthly meetings with the Presiding Bishop

  • Yearly service at the Local church with the attendance of the Presider

  • Support for district leadership


Member Application Process

1.  Familiarize yourself with the UCODA By-Laws/Constitution and        

Doctrinal Statement to ensure alignment and agreement.

2.  Click the link below to fill out online application.

3.  UCODA Executive Board reviews the Application for approval

Once approved, membership materials will be sent to the member's mailing address as provided on the application.

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