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UCODA (United Churches of Deliverance) is a dynamic and growing reformation & fellowship of churches across the United States and abroad. Established in June 2010 by the Late Bishop James E. Wiley, Jr in Shelby, North Carolina, UCODA has been committed to spreading the message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life.

The reformation is comprised of five dioceses located in Michigan, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Each diocese is led by a team of dedicated Bishops, Pastors and Leaders who are committed to building strong communities of faith and helping people to connect with God.

At UCODA, we believe in the power of prayer, worship, and fellowship to transform lives and communities. Our churches offer a range of programs and services, including Leadership Training, Biblical Studies, Youth Ministries, Community Outreach, and more, to help people grow in their faith and live out their calling.

UCODA believes that every person has inherent worth and value, and we strive to teach the pure Word of God and provide a welcoming space where all can come to experience the love and grace of God.


We invite you to join us at UCODA if you are seeking a spiritual covering. We look forward to welcoming you into our family and walking alongside you on your journey of leading God's people. 

We are Kingdom Connected, United as one.

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